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Our Vision.

Oregon is poised to be the next "Napa Valley" of the cannabis industry. At docZ, we are dedicated to raising the bar of extracts and premium quality oils. Our products start with locally sourced farmers, and as such focused on establishing the grower culture as an irreplaceable component to quality extracts. The corporate fear persists, and flower prices fluctuate with the seasons. docZ believes in structured support for our raw material providers and regard our extracts as "single malt" scotches; deserving of a heightened focus on the hard work that made them possible by our valued growers.

Our Objective.

docZ is committed to honoring the farms that produce the highest quality plants by creating the finest extracts available. Our approach to refinement is a proprietary with attention to preserving and highlighting the character and essence of a strain, or custom blend. We view the distribution of our products as a privilege, and maintaining integrity our prime responsibility. Our ultimate goal is to play our role in establishing Oregon as a destination state for the finest cannabis products in the country.


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